Attractions Nearby Port Fairy
Tower Hill is just a short drive from Port Fairy. A great walk with plenty of koalas, kangaroos & emus. 14 kms.
Killarney beach is very near Port Fairy and is ideal for swimming and a great spot for fishing. 12kms.
Situated near the 12 Apostles, the Bay of Martyrs is just as impressive & often uncrowded. 56kms.
The Shipwreck Coast has so many spectacular sights which are often overlooked by eager tourists. 80kms.
The Arch is another of this coastline's jewells. Take the time to visit & stretch your legs. 100 kms.
An absolute must & it's right next to the 12 Apostles. A great walk & you can access the beach. 100 kms.
Make sure you leave early to see everything that this coast has to offer. Photo by Rob Blackburn.
The world famous 12 Apostles is just one hour's drive away. A must see. Photo by Peter Dunphy. 80 kms.
Koroit is a marvellous, old, historic town just inland from Port Fairy. Lots of Irish heritage. 15kms.
Portland Victoria is a coastal town of interest which is worth a visit if you are travelling west of Port Fairy. 67kms.
The Grampians is not too far away from Port Fairy and offers incredible scenery. Photo by Ilya Genkin. 100+kms.
Mt Eccles is just a short drive from Port Fairy and offers a fascinating insight into local terrain. 55kms.